Marc-Olivier Girard
Project Manager, Logistec Corporation

Was getting into the industry your first career choice? If so, how did you get interested in transportation? If not, what attracted you to this sector?

No, to be honest, the marine industry was completely unknown to me until I saw the job offer on my university’s career site.
What attracted me to the sector was the management training programs and long-term employment prospects. Since the industry wants to innovate and there’s such a need for succession, that’s what convinced me.

What or who surprises you in your occupation, in the sense that you didn’t expect to see these aspects (technology, culture, atmosphere, challenges, etc.) in the industry?

I am always surprised, every time I see a vessel being worked on, at the amount of resources used in our world. Whether it’s the thousands of containers handled every day, the thousands of cars unloaded every week, the tens of thousands of tonnes of sugar being refined, the quantity of raw material is very impressive. We are an important vector for the economy.

If you had to give advice to the next generation, what would you tell them to encourage them to choose the logistics and freight transport sector?

The logistics sector is really vast. It includes all types of transport, sea, air, rail and land, as well as other stages such as packaging, and others. With all this, there’s definitely something for everyone!
The important thing, and the advice I can give, is to use the forums offered, such as CargoM, to gain access to some of the players in the “ambassador” community and learn more about the various sectors.

How do you see the future of your profession and the sector?

Few industry sectors have such good long-term prospects. International trade is still growing and, with international agreements constantly being developed, this trend is promising. Shipping has a bright future ahead of it.

Also, it is a sector that is often seen as traditional and needing fresh outlooks to implement technologies and innovations to improve future operations. It makes me happy, through my role in the industry, to be able to take part in implementing innovations that reduce the environmental impact of the supply chain, increase operational control and improve the neighbouring community’s perspective on port issues.

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