Working Group 3 – Innovation and Fluidity
Committee co-chairs :
Marc Cadieux
President and CEO
Association du cammionnage du Québec
Michael Fratianni, Montréal
President and CEO
Gateway Terminals Partnership
Working Group 3 - Innovation and Fluidity

To promote the development and implementation of projects that will improve road access for trucks and the flow of goods in Greater Montréal, and which stand to benefit the greatest number of stakeholders possible. This calls for a proactive approach among the various government bodies involved in order to provide the infrastructures necessary for the smooth operation of the road transport industry in the Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal (CMM).



To contribute to the establishment of cutting-edge infrastructure, regulatory, and technology projects to optimize transport and logistics operations, and improve traffic conditions and the flow of goods in Greater Montréal.


The private sector demands fast, concrete and measurable results, and CargoM has delivered with initiatives that have been felt on the ground with impressive speed.

  • Actively participate in consultative committees as an industry spokesperson and, as needed, take the initiative to create these committees;
  • Conduct complementary studies to those that already exist with the purpose of implementing and recommending innovative projects for the flow of goods in the greater metropolitan region;
  • Lead specific pilot projects and measure their spinoffs for Greater Montréal.
  • Production of a brochure for drivers to inform them of the procedures for circulating in the terminal area of the Port of Montréal (over 1,000 brochures distributed to date).
  • Launch of the OttoView program in collabora- tion with Transport Canada, which involves ins- talling electronic devices in trucks (over 100 trucks) to collect data to identify, among other things, bottlenecks and areas of recurring traf- fic congestion with the goal of recommending solutions to improve flow.
  • Analysis of PCS (Port Community System) tools and preparation of a pilot project with a real-time information tool for the entire logistics chain.
  • Creation of a freight transport technical committee within Mobility Montréal.
Port of Montreal Building
2100 Pierre-Dupuy Avenue
Wing 2, Suite 2100
Montréal (Québec) H3C 3R5
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