Working Group 4 – Workforce
Committee co-chairs :
Nathalie Drouin
Executive Director - KHEOPS - Professor -University of Québec in Montreal (UQAM)
Mélissa Touré
Transport and Logistics Leader
Working Group 4 - Workforce

Promoting the sector to future workers by showcasing the opportunities this industry has to offer and accentuating training and employee retention policies in the industry’s companies.

  • Address and meet the urgent need for a new generation of workers in this sector, by building on concrete actions to attract new talent;

  • Raise awareness about the industry’s job opportunities to young people as well as people looking for a new career.


Organization of the first CargoM Logistics and Transportation Careers Day, with over 1,200 participants and more than thirty industry kiosks.

Launch of the game for young people “Suis le conteneur” (“Follow the container”), designed to get high school students interested in careers related to the freight transport and logistics sector.

In collaboration with Emploi-Québec, preparing a white paper on the workforce and training needs in the freight transport and logistics sector.

Participation in the Conseil emploi métropole proceedings, in a study of the Human Resources Sectorial Committee of the Maritime Industry related to the land-based maritime workforce, in addition to a workforce-related study completed by the Bureau d’implantation de la Stratégie maritime.

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