Working Group 3 – Innovation and Fluidity
Committee co-chairs :
Marc Cadieux
President and Chief Executive Officer
Quebec Trucking Association
Norman Tam
Executive Vice-President
Mediterranean Shipping Company (Canada) Inc.
Working Group 3 - Innovation and Fluidity

Promote the development and implementation of projects that benefit as many supply chain users as possible in order to improve access and fluidity of truck transportation in Greater Montreal.

Contribute to the implementation of advanced infrastructure and technology projects to optimize transport and logistics operations.

Support best practices and promote the use of advanced technologies in the transportation and logistics industry to improve the competitiveness of companies in the sector.

The private sector demands fast, concrete and measurable results, and CargoM has delivered with initiatives that have been felt on the ground with impressive speed.


Actively participate in committees to promote our industry and, if necessary, create consensus-building committees.

Undertake complementary studies to support those underway and conduct specific pilot projects and measure their impact on Greater Montreal.

Adopt, share and integrate industry best practices and leading-edge technologies while meeting sustainable development objectives.


Project to extend and harmonize terminal opening hours:

  • Carrying out and presentation of a study
  • Implementation of a pilot project to harmonize and extend the opening hours from 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the MGTP and Termont terminals
  • Presentation of the pilot project’s finding
  • Meeting with the chain’s high-volume actors and clients (more than 55 participants) to discuss the follow-up of the project
  • Creation of a Fluidity Table to work on implementing lasting solutions to improve operations.

Collaboration with JalonMTL and participation in discussions and meetings on various urban distribution centre (UDC) options.

Follow-up of the CoopCarbone – ESG UQÀM École des sciences de la gestion project on the Urban Logistics Centre (ULC) on St. Hubert Street and presentation of the delivery issues in urban areas at their conference.

Reflections on the evolution and upgrading of CargoM’s technological tools:

  • Transfer of SPI-LI to Port of Montreal servers
  • Review of the Ottoview usage strategy
  • Phases 2 and 3 of the development of the CargoMobile application.

Completion of a study on the feasibility of a short sea shipping project (SSS) between the South Shore and the Island of Montreal in collaboration with FP Innovation and the St. Lawrence Shipowners.

Completion of a study on the potential for the implementation of preferential measures for freight transport in Greater Montreal in collaboration with ACQ and CIRRELT.

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