Covid-19 – Important message to CargoM members and partners

As the Covid-19 pandemic evolves, needs and guidelines evolve as well. We work in close collaboration with the authorities and with our contacts with government and municipal authorities in order to inform you and provide clarifications on the state of the supply chain. The transport of goods and its entire logistics chain remain active, respecting, of course, all the safety and health rules issued by our governments.

Here are official sources:

Please take note that teleworking and ecommerce are allowed at all times for all businesses.

Given the current situation, we are taking initiatives to help you in your most urgent needs. We invite you to contact Mathieu Charbonneau at this address: or by phone / text at 514 880-6250 or Lori Nelis at this address: if you find yourself in one of the following situations.


If you have temporarily available storage space, please tell us:

  • Square footage and height of available storage space;
  • An estimate of time storage available;
  • Details on how to access this storage area.


If you have additional labor needs to temporarily support your activities:

  • The type of labor required.

If you can relocate some of your employees temporarily:

  • The type of labor available

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