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Our mission

CargoM’s mission is to bring together all Greater Montreal freight transport and logistics stakeholders whose activities promote Montreal as an industry hub around common goals and concerted actions to increase its cohesion, competitiveness, growth and reach.

Our vision

Within the next few years, CargoM aspires to establish Greater Montreal as a recognized intermodal hub, sought after for its operational and environmental performance as well as its contribution to the competitiveness of its business partners and to the economic development of Greater Montreal and of Quebec.

Launched in 2012 and as part of Greater Montreal’s economic development strategy, CargoM, the Montreal Metropolitan Logistics and Transportation Cluster, is one of 10 metropolitan clusters deployed since 2006.

Our actions are structured around 4 working groups, within which its members work collaboratively to develop and implement tools, projects and initiatives that participate in economic development, improve the fluidity of the supply chain, attract new companies, enhance jobs and training, and promote the Greater Montreal hub internationally.

CargoM’s activities are financially supported by the Montreal Metropolitan Community (MMC) and the Ministry of Economy, Innovation and Energy (MEIE) and all its members.



 To learn more about the activities of the cluster, see our video capsules by clicking here

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