Working Group 3 – Innovation and Fluidity
Committee co-chairs :
Marc Cadieux
President and Chief Executive Officer
Quebec Trucking Association
Julien Dubreuil
General Manager
Termont Montréal Inc
Working Group 3 - Innovation and Fluidity

Promote the development and implementation of projects that benefit as many supply chain users as possible in order to improve access and fluidity of truck transportation in Greater Montreal.

Contribute to the implementation of advanced infrastructure and technology projects to optimize transport and logistics operations.

Support best practices and promote the use of advanced technologies in the transportation and logistics industry to improve the competitiveness of companies in the sector.


In charge of this working group Amy Lombard:

Literature review of international examples of freight mobility on passenger rail with the Interuniversity Research Centre on Enterprise Networks, Logistics and Transportation (CIRRELT)

Monitor performance of the supply chain following the extension of terminal opening hours and organization of a promotional campaign

Freight Transportation Data Committee in collaboration with the Montreal Metropolitan Community (MMC): identification of stakeholders, data held/wanted and data sharing issues

Delivery of the WSP study on internal intermodal efficiency

The empty container depot near the Port of Montreal: conduct a survey of members to identify suitable locations for empty containers and propose a solution to circulate this information

Promotion of the use of extended hours: with a few member companies, implement a pilot project that demonstrates the benefits of using extended hours in terms of cost, time and carbon footprint and join WSP’s intermodal efficiency study

CargoMobile: assess the possibility of using WAZE (truck section) or any other application that can ensure CargoMobile’s vitality

Share the results of the Transport Canada study, a high-level study that describes the functions, issues and opportunities of Intelligent Transport Systems

Capacity Management Information System: assess the possibility of a pilot project between Port of Montreal stakeholders in partnership with the Institut d’innovation en logistique du Québec (IILQ)



Actively participate in committees to promote our industry and, if necessary, create consensus-building committees.

Undertake complementary studies to support those underway and conduct specific pilot projects and measure their impact on Greater Montreal.

Adopt, share and integrate industry best practices and leading-edge technologies while meeting sustainable development objectives.


Collaboration with Jalon MTL and participation in discussions on the Colibri project and E-log Mtl with PME MTL

Presentation during the Ministry of Transport’s Sustainable Mobility Policy — 2030 Forum

Implementation of a study on the internal fluidity of the supply chain and the use of off-peak travel with WSP

Participation in the information session on mitigation measures as part of the project works on the Louis-Hippolyte-La Fontaine bridge-tunnel

Workshop as part of the development of CargoM’s 2020-2022 strategic plan

Port of Montreal Building
2100 Pierre-Dupuy Avenue
Wing 2, Suite 2100
Montréal (Québec) H3C 3R5

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