Working Group 3 – Innovation and Fluidity
Committee co-chairs :
Marc Cadieux
President and Chief Executive Officer
Quebec Trucking Association
Julien Dubreuil
General Manager
Termont Montréal Inc
Working Group 3 - Innovation and Fluidity

Promote the development and implementation of projects that benefit as many supply chain users as possible in order to improve access and fluidity of truck transportation in Greater Montreal.

Contribute to the implementation of advanced infrastructure and technology projects to optimize transport and logistics operations.

Support best practices and promote the use of advanced technologies in the transportation and logistics industry to improve the competitiveness of companies in the sector.


In charge of this working group, Amy Lombard, Project Manager:

Storage space survey tool project:

  • Improvement and mailing of the new storage space form to participants for their feedback, comments and suggestions
  • Test period for data collection via the form with
  • End of Step 1 with, finalizing the forms, collating the data and performing the system integration
  • Work with on Step 2, developing the interactive and connected dashboard

Mitigation measures for traffic flow during project works on the Louis-Hippolyte-La Fontaine Bridge-Tunnel:

  • Ad hoc invitation from MTMD to present work monitoring
  • Undertaking with the Port of Montreal, the ACQ, the MTMD and CargoM to draft a study on the concept of satellite properties

Promotion to CargoM members and partners of the use of off-peak terminal hours at the Port of Montreal through Success Story:

  • Overview of the situation
  • Design and promotion of a promotional flyer

Discussions on the CargoMobile application:

  • Evaluation of the feasibility of joining another platform (truck section) or any other application that can ensure the vitality of CargoMobile
  • Collaboration with Niosense on submitting a project to the City of Montreal


Actively participate in committees to promote our industry and, if necessary, create consensus-building committees.

Undertake complementary studies to support those underway and conduct specific pilot projects and measure their impact on Greater Montreal.

Adopt, share and integrate industry best practices and leading-edge technologies while meeting sustainable development objectives.


Storage space survey tool project:

  • Work with, a firm that automates data solutions, to develop a new web form, dashboard and interface for viewing and using the storage space survey tool
  • Planning the development steps for this web interface tool
  • Successful grant application for the Program to Support the Development of Strategic Sectors and Niches of Excellence (PADS)
  • Grant application to the National Trade Corridors Fund (NTCF)

Meetings with the MTMD for project sites, particularly the one for the Louis-Hippolyte-La Fontaine Bridge-Tunnel:

  • Meeting with Jean Séguin, Assistant Deputy Minister, Ministry of Transport and Sustainable Mobility (MTMD), and the Renouveau La Fontaine construction group
  • Informing CargoM members through special meetings and regular Working Group 3 meetings about the timelines for project works, the new configuration of the tunnel, the exact date of lane closures and the mitigation measures instituted during the construction period
  • Weekly participation in a task force to find solutions during the construction period
  • Support to members submitting proposals for mitigation measures to be adapted during the construction period

Organization by CargoM in collaboration with HTEC of a webinar on decarbonizing transportation, handling and energy generation in a port context (60 participants)

Organization of a webinar on artificial intelligence in transport and logistics in partnership with Scale AI and IVADO Labs (50 participants)

Port of Montreal Building
2100 Pierre-Dupuy Avenue
Wing 2, Suite 2100
Montréal (Québec) H3C 3R5

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