Working Group 4 – Workforce
Committee co-chairs :
Nathalie Drouin
Executive Director and Professor
KHEOPS, ESG UQÀM, École des sciences de la gestion
Chloé St-Amand
Executive Director
Camo-route - Comité sectoriel de main-d'œuvre de l'industrie du transport routier
Working Group 4 - Workforce

Promote the sector to future workers by showcasing the opportunities this industry has to offer and accentuating training and employee retention policies in the industry’s companies.


In charge of this working group : Yves Murray

5th edition of Career Day

Implementation of the Trucking Career Immersion Program project, funded by Conseil emploi métropole (CEM) in collaboration with Camo-route and the Centre de formation en transport de Saint-Jérôme (CFTR)

Support, collaboration and participation in the Camo-route project — New Technologies and Occupations in Road Freight Transport

Support, collaboration and participation in Concordia’s John Molson Leadership Centre project— Accelerating Leadership in Transportation and Logistics

Brainstorming on the digitization of the Follow the Container game

Promotion of jobs (employment newsletter and CargoM website)

Participation in projects of the Conseil emploi métropole (CEM) and various committees


Fill the urgent need for new talent in this sector by focusing on concrete actions to attract new talent.

Promote the opportunities offered by the industry to young people and people looking for a new career.

Achievements 2019

Fourth edition of Career Day:

  • 60 booths
  • 1,500 participants
  • Presence of simulators and trucks

Participation in the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal (CCMM) Interconnection Workshop — Sectoral conferences in freight transport

Participation in the work of the committee on training and job matching of the Conseil emploi metropole as a member of the board of directors

Promotion of jobs and training in transportation and logistics by issuing newsletters on employment

Participation in the training and job-matching committee of the Maritime Strategy Secretariat

Participation in sector studies:

  • Comité sectoriel de main-d’œuvre de l’industrie maritime on the needs of land-based marine trades
  • Maritime Strategy Secretariat on training and job matching

Presentation of the trades, skills of the future and job prospects in transportation and logistics to graduate students and students from several CEGEPs and high schools.

Workshop as part of the development of CargoM’s 2020-2022 strategic plan.

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2100 Pierre-Dupuy Avenue
Wing 2, Suite 2100
Montréal (Québec) H3C 3R5

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